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Diego Dalla Palma

Uniforming Tinted Cream

Uniforming Tinted Cream

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A daily photoprotective treatment with anti-ageing and skin perfecting properties. It protetcs, moisturises, strengthens and helps to relieve skin redness.
With a cream gel texture: fresh, ultra-lightweight and fast-absorbing.

Allergen-free fragrance.

Ectoine: preserves the immunity of the skin to increase its defences against external & internal aggressors. Healing & soothing.
ProSENSE PEPTIDE: a dual action anti irritation neuropeptide that reduces irritation and inflammation
Anti-redness complex: Strengthens capillary walls by relieving both temporary and persistent redness
Ceramide plus CPX : Moisturising, prevents loss of moisture from the skin, re establishes the PH and barrier function of the skin. Preserves elasticity and the skin's optimum moisture level.
Complex of next-generation broad spectrum photostable filters (UVB-UVA-IR-Blue Light), mineral pigments.
SPF 50 with the highest possible protection against UVA Rays.
Highly photostable, anti free radical, better perfomance, safer to use, non irritating for those skins usually sensitive to sun filters.
Ocean friendly, respecting the corals and marine ecosystem

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