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Accent on Beauty Service Price List

Price Service Description
By Consultation Micro-Needling Promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and other signs of aging, with eDermastamp® Collagen Induction Therapy.
By Consultation Venus Freeze Freeze time and reverse aging, through thermal magnetic rejuvenation.  Venus Freeze™ uses 100% safe Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and proven Magnetic Pulse Therapy to deliver a more contoured silhouette, tighter skin, softer wrinkles, and a more youthful appearance.
By Consultation Franctional Laser Fractional laser skin resurfacing reveals your beautiful skin from within.
Laser skin resurfacing treats undesirable skin imperfections on your face and body.
Fractional laser skin resurfacing can quickly and easily improve a multitude of skin flaws. It’s the skin resurfacing solution that can give you youthful, touchable, and beautiful skin from head to toe.
Laser skin resurfacing can improve the appearance of: Age spots, sun damage, skin tone and texture, wrinkles, surgical scars, acne scars, and stretch marks.
By Consultation IPL Hair Removal Intense Pulsed Light - IPL, is light-based hair removal, which permanently reduces unwanted facial and body hair, in fewer treatments and with more comfort than is possible with traditional procedures.
By Consultation IPL Skin Renewal Using the principle of selective photothermolysis, IPL treatments target different chromophores in your skin. These optimal wavelengths of light clear vascular and pigmented lesions by targeting the chromophores of hemoglobin (for vascular lesions) and melanin (for pigmented lesions). These damaged lesions are then cleared by the body, removing the appearance of the lesion from the skin.
IPL Skin Renewal can be used to treat: vascular and pigmented lesions associated with spider veins, reticular veins, rosacea, telangiectasias, hemangiomas, sun damage, age spots, dyschromia, melasma, poikiloderma, and angiomas from hands, legs, chest, arms and face.
$125 Facial Our facials include a diagnosis of your skin, exfoliation, extraction, disinfection, serum, massage, mask and cream.
$120 Express Facial Cleanse For the person with limited time, this facial includes: exfoliation, extraction, disinfection, serum, mask and cream.
$125 Refining Treatment for Men  
$125 Acne Deep cleansing treatment for skin with impurities
Complimentary Skin Analysis  
$160.00 Microdermabrasion  
$165.00 Swiss Med Deluxe with Collagen  
$160.00 Physiodermie Deluxe Chrono  
$125 Peel (only)  
$165 Peel with facial  
  Eyes & Lip A relaxing treatment for tired eyes or around your lips. The skin around your eyes is soothed and regenerated which helps to reduce dark circles and softens fine lines.
$33.00 Eye or Lip Treatment with Facial  
$35.00 Eye or Lip Treatment  
  Manicure / Pedicure  
$38.00 Manicure Your finger nails will be cut, shaped and the cuticles pushed back. Your hands will be massaged using lotion that will leave them relaxed and feeling soft and silky. Polish is then applied.
$43.00 French Manicure After the manicure a neutral colour polish is applied and white polish is applied to the tips.
$48.00 Spa Manicure An extended manicure which includes a hand treatment to exfoliate and hydrate your hands, leaving them feeling soft and revitalized.
$32.00 Mini Manicure An express 15 minute manicure which includes cutting, filing, buffing and a polish application.
$74.00 Pedicure Heaven for your feet! After soaking your feet and applying an invigorating scrub, the toe nails will be cut, shaped and the cuticles pushed back. Dry skin around the cuticles and the soles of your feet will be removed. The feet will be massaged before a polish application
$49.00 Mini Pedicure This is an express, half hour pedicure that incl: soak, cut, file, clean cuticles, buff and polish.
$84.00 Spa Pedicure An extended pedicure which includes a mask that leaves your feet feeling cool and tingly all day.
$25.00 Polish Application / Change  
$20.00 Nail Repair  
$26.00 Paraffin Wax Treatment  
$32.00 Paraffin Wax Treatment with Scrub A paraffin wax treatment is for your hands or feet. We wrap them in a warm paraffin wax, this moisturizes and soothes treated areas. To enhance the effect, we recommend adding a scrub prior to your treatment.
  Shellac Delivers 14+ days flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine with zero dry-time and no nail damage. Shellac is a true innovation of chip-free, extended-wear nail colour!
Add $20 Shellac (regular & French)  
Starting at: $12 Shellac removal  
  Electrolysis Electrolysis is a permanent method of hair removal. Book a complimentary consultation to find out if electrolysis is the best choice for you.
Complimentary Consultation  
$95.00 One-Hour Package  
$4.25 Per-minute (five minute minimum)
$3.75 Probe  
  Spider Vein Removal Accent on Beauty uses a thermo coagulation method (similar to electrolysis), to safely remove facial spider veins.
Complimentary Consultation  
$5.50 Per-minute (five minute minimum)
$4.75 Probe  



















Laser Hair Removal









Extended Bikini

Full Arms

Full Legs

Lower Legs




Under Arms

Upper Lip














Elite iQ™ treatments offer quick, easy and customized laser hair removal using smart technology. You can now permanently reduce unwanted hair with a treatment personalized to your specific skin type!

Utilizing Skintel®, the only FDA cleared melanin reader, we can safely treat all skin types and areas of the body including face, chest, under arms, legs, bikini area and back, making Elite iQ treatments the perfect hair removal solution for men and women.


























Waxing is the most popular method of hair removal with results that can last from three to six weeks. We use a liquid honey wax for most areas and a hard azulene wax for more sensitive areas.


$98.00 Thigh & Brazilian  
$108.00 Full Leg & Brazilian  
$92.00 Full Leg (includes bikini)  
$65.00 Thigh (includes bikini)  
$40 Half Leg  
Starting at: $40 Arms  
Starting at: $35 Bikini  
Starting at: $70 Brazilian  
$28.00 Under Arms  
$18.00 Upper Lip  
$18.00 Chin  
$27.00 Eyebrow  
$49.00 Complete Face  
Starting at: $60 Back  
Starting at: $55 Chest  
$32.00 Cheeks  
Starting at: $18 Toes  
  Body Treatments & More  
$120.00 Body Polish Treatment A relaxing body treatment with exfoliation & massage that leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.
$125.00 Back Treatment Similar to a facial, a back treatment cleanses impurities from your back. The treatment includes: cleansing, steam, extraction, disinfection, massage and a mask.
$28.00 Hand Treatment Using a soft scrub, your hands are exfoliated followed by an anti-aging cream mask. A hand treatment can be performed on its own or combined with a manicure.
$28.00 Foot Massage & Soak  
$65.00 Indian Head Massage  
$100.00 One Hour Relaxing Massage  
$68.00 Half Hour Relaxing Massage  
  Reflexology Based on the theory that different parts of the feet are related to different parts of the body, reflexology uses positive energy applied to the feet which channels the energy to the corresponding area creating a feeling of relaxation and well being.
$100.00 One Hour Reflexology  
$70.00 Half Hour Reflexology  


$65.00 Application Including a Free Lipstick
$85.00 Wedding Including a Free Lipstick and Complimentary Trial
$83.00 Lesson  
$32.00 Lash Tint  
$21.00 Brow Tint  

Ardelle Lash Application




Prices subject to change without notice