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RVB Swiss Med

Swiss Med Bio-Lift Cells Eye & Lip 30ml

Swiss Med Bio-Lift Cells Eye & Lip 30ml

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Lifting, Filling, Smoothing, Plumping
A concentrated, milky serum designed for the delicate Eye & Lip area to repair and prevent expression wrinkles commonly occurring in these areas.
OVER 20 Active Ingredients:
10% Synake the age killing Tripepetide & Argireline, the highest concentration possible to include in a formulation, these peptides renown for their anti wrinkle properties directly acting on the expression wrinkles around the eyes and lips ensure strong and smoothing lifting action

By relaxing superficial facial muscles it smoothens out fine lines and decreases depth of wrinkles.

Gene Therapy & Stem Cells to prevent and repair skin aging.

Bio Nymph, natural tripeptides signal the DNA of skin cells that activate specific genes that slow down the aging process.

It is a powerful antioxidant and DNA guardian, that stimulates new collagen and protects existing collagen from degradation, in addition, to boosting cell energy

The “Dark Circles Enlightener” - A fusion of Peptides & Botanicals, lessen dark circles and puffiness by strengthening skin density and eliminating inflammation

The “Botanical Tensing Agent” - Forms a smooth film, decreases the number and depth of wrinkles

Nourishes - Hyaluronic acid, Carrageen and sweet Almond nourish and hydrate these often dry areas

Vitamin C & E – for an antioxidant action to reduce sun damage.
Caffeine & Green Tea reduce dark circles and under eye bags.
Hyaluronic Acid & Wheat Proteins instantly smooth & fill in lines while deeply hydrating.
An oil in water emulsion
Light Weight- Quickly Absorbs
Fragrance Free
Mineral oil Free
Colorant Free
30 ml Pump

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