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Diego dalla Palma

Resurface Bright C SPF 50

Resurface Bright C SPF 50

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50ml Tube.
A daily photoprotection treatment cream with anti-wrinkle, anti-spot, evening and brightening action. Features 3 stabilized Vitamin C and DetoxLIGHT.
It is effective on all types of uneven pigmentaiton, dark spots and blemishes: sun, senile, post-inflammatory, from lipofuscin accumulation (orange-colored age spots also present on hands), melasma.
Its perfecting pigments give a radiant and even appearance, contrasting gray, dull and yellowish complexions. Fast-absorbing non-greasy texture.
Universal, modulable coloring suitable for all complexions. Formulated with new-generation, broad-spectrum (UVA, UVB - UV blue-IR) and environmentally friendly photostable filters.

Active Ingredients:
3 types of stabilized Vitamin C: antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, brightening, anti-spot.
FOCUS on – Stabilized Vitamin CFOCUS on – Stabilised Vitamin C
This new form of Vitamin C is more stable, less likely to oxidize.
It has a slow delivery into the skin for more prolonged skin absorption and penetration.
It is well tolerated by most skins even the most sensitive. Thanks to its physiological pH at 5.5 and its prolonged release, it is well tolerated by even the most sensitive skins.
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: hydrating and smoothing
Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5): hydrating and regenerating.
Anti pollution system: creates an invisible film that limits the adhesion of pollutants on the skin (smog, heavy metals, micro particles]
It protects the skin from UV, infra-red rays and pollution, counteracting the formation of free radicals.
It reduces wrinkles and fine lines, stimulating the gene expression and the production of collagen.1
It counteracts darks spots and skin blemishes, interacting with the copper (Cu2+) ions at the tyrosinase active site and inhibiting it, thereby reducing melanin formation. 2
it soothes redness, irritation and rosacea, strengthening capillary walls.
It prevents and fights the loss of tone and premature ageing, linked to diets too rich in sugar that cause an alteration in the integrity of collagen and elastin fibres (glycation).
Gentler on the skin compared to pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
It can also be used in the summer.
ProWHITE+: With powerful brightening and anti-spot action.
DetoxLIGHT: With specific action on orange/ brow dark spots and lipofuscin stains.
MINERAL PIGMENTS: For a natural and universal face colour. BB effect.

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