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Radiance Booster - 10% Vitamin C

Radiance Booster - 10% Vitamin C

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A flash of positive energy and freshness, this booster envelops the skin in the goodness of Vitamin C, toning the skin, reversing photo aging and making the complexion look younger and more vibrant. The key ingredient, Stay-C® 50,registered as a quasi-drug in Japan, has been clinically shown to reverse the signs of aging and brighten the skin. Like the other Age Intelligence Boosters, it has been formulated to mix into anything we can call skincare.


  • Results in fresher-looking, vibrant skin.
  • Prolonged use significantly improves the skin’s firmness
  • Paraben-free - Allergen-Free - Without Phenoxyethanol - Perfume-Free - Colour-free -
  • Vegan - Cruelty-free

How to use:

Radiance Booster can be applied am and/or pm as needed, mixed in the palm of the hand with the Recovery Serum to maximize results, or directly in your usual cream for a boost. During the first week, we advise limiting the use to the pm, so as to allow skin to better adapt. 2-3 drops are enough, more can be used if needed. The use of an adapted UV protection during the day is imperative to better protect the skin (and the vitamin C in the formula!).


STAY-C® 50*

Molecule obtained by binding pure L-ascorbic acid and Ascorbyl Sodium Phosphate, creating a more stable form of vitamin C. An innovative form with multiple effects that meets most skin needs. Clinical tests on a 3D skin sample and in vivo studies have fully demonstrated its effective brightening effect on the skin.

* STAY-C® 50 is a registered brand of DSM Nutritional Products AG (DSM Nutritional Products SA /DSM Nutritional Products Ltd), Switzerland. Stated in vivo studies carried out by DSM with a panel of 40 volunteers aged 35-45 years old.

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