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Pore-Reducing Water

Pore-Reducing Water

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The new Pore-Reducing Water replaces Water
Shock Purifying Toner.
Can be used daily all year around without the
concern of over drying skin. Contains no alcohol
and no has no exfoliating action of any sort. Well
adapted to acne prone skins under oral or topical
prescription treatments.

• Reduces oil and the appearance of
enlarged pores.
• Leaves the skin perfectly soft and
supple, with less signs of irritation.

Pour a small amount into the palm of your hands and apply over face and neck,
avoiding the eye area. If preferred, it can also be applied with the help of a cotton
Should be used both day and night as a regular balancing toner or alternated some
nights in the week with AI Resurfacing Water, should an exfoliating effect be desired.


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