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Methode Physiodermie Actinyl No. 4 Blemish Clear   - Accent on Beauty

Actinyl #4 Blemish Clear

Methode Physiodermie

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A localized care roll on that restores the skin's natural balance and uniform complexion.

Rapid treatment for oily and impure skin. Recommended as a useful care to treat pimples, and blemishes. A natural and efficient way to rapidly get rid out of local imperfections.
Promotes the reduction of excess sebum. Opposes alterations of cutaneous lipids and acts as a regulator for acne prone skin. Restores skin to natural protection and balance.
• Destroys bacteria that are responsible for pimples and imperfections.
• Immediate action dries out pimples.
• Promotes an even, acne-free complexion.
• Regulates sebum production and prevents the appearance of oily skin.
• Prevents further "breakouts".