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Overnight Brightening - Power Cream

Overnight Brightening - Power Cream

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Nourishing and hydrating, this rich consistency cream offers ingredients that encourage a brighter complexion and a smoother texture skin. By working together, they improve the look of the skin’s own overnight


  • Quickly illuminates the entire complexion and reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots
  • Refines the look of the pores and works overnight for a more homogeneous surface texture
  • Hydrates the skin deeply

How to use:

To be applied in the evening, alone, or preferably after the Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum. Avoid the immediate eye area.

Apply all year round alternating with the Cell Shock White Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion each morning.


CELLACTEL 2 WHITE COMPLEX: Using the same ingredients present in the original Cellactel 2 Complex combined botanical Rumex occidentals extract and vitamin C, it reduces the appearance of the signs of aging, relieves dry skin and soothes the look of brown spots.

HD-WHITE COMPLEX This complex gives the skin a brightening and radiance look

ENZYME OVERNIGHT COMPLEX: This complex contributes to hides the age spots while, at the same time, covering the of blemishes. It sloughs off dead skin cells, reducing the look of pore and conceals the skin blotches.

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