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Diego Dalla Palma Icon 24 Hour Renewal Anti-Age Cream

Icon 24 Hour Renewal Anti-Age Cream

Diego Dalla Palma

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ACTION: anti-age treatment that regenerates the skin deep down, with AGE DELAY Complex and PLATINUM SKIN-Matrix, a precious peptide complex containing colloidal platinum. It stimulates the production of “Klotho”, youth proteins, reactivating the vital functions of youthful skin for a more “plumped up”, firmer complexion. Boosted with isoflavones from the red poppy, it is also recommended for women during or pre-menopause who suffer from dry skin, loss of tone and the appearance of brown spots. Its rich, nourishing texture is ideal for dry, dehydrated skin and in cold weather. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : 51+3 HYALU COMPLEX™, AGE DELAY Complex, PLATINUM SKIN-Matrix, creatin, pro-collagen, isoflavones from the red poppy. RESULT: skin is renourished and looks more youthful and firmer.