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B.E Beautiful Energy

Hydrating Cleanser

Hydrating Cleanser

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Light-weight gel foaming cleanser that exfoliates with CRV-8Complex. Surfactants sweep away dead skin cells, dirt, impurities and oils while hydrating the skin


GLUCONOLACTONE - a naturally occurring polyhydroxy acid (PHA) that moisturizes while gently exfoliating the stratum corneum.

PHA’s molecules are “gentle giants”; too large to penetrate the skin so they remain on the surface rendering them safe for all skin types including post- procedure skin and atopic skin.

CAFFEINEhelps reduce inflammation and puffiness, tightens and brightens

PHENOXYETHANOL- antibacterial/germicidal

pH BALANCED: 5.5-6.5 maintains skins acid mantle


Prepares the skin to receive other leave on serums and topicals

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