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Facial Boosting-Essence

Facial Boosting-Essence

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A concentrated splash of coolness in an essence-in-water formula. Much more than a classic tonic-lotion, this new and sophisticated formula prepares skin to enhance the effects of all other products while it maintaining skin's moisture level, reducing the appearance of signs of skin fatigue.


  • Revitalizes the skin.
  • While hydrating it prevents damage caused by drought
  • It protects against “urban stress” while enhancing skin brightness and clarity
  • Visibly reduces signs of fatigue

How to use:

Apply every morning and evening immediately after your usual cleansing steps, before application of a serum and / or a cream. Pour a few drops onto the palm of the hand and smooth over face and neck avoiding the eye area (no need to apply with a cotton pad).



Cell Shock’s signature skin-revitalizing ingredient rejuvenates the look of the face.


The purest water from the heart of the grapes, extracted by a patented process without the use of chemical solvents. Grape polyphenols contain is an antioxidant providing cosmetic benefits.


Also known as "long-lasting mushroom", Kombucha smoothest and refreshes the skin providing a plumping effect. It protects against roughness and increases the brightness and clarity of the skin.


This modern complex protects the skin against “urban stress” while enhance the skin’s brightness and clarity. Specific protein fractions from Moringa seeds shield skin from environmental pollution, while a Nasturtium stem extract gives the skin an appearance radiant and healthy.

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