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Eye Zone Lifting Complex II

Eye Zone Lifting Complex II

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A refreshing serum offering moisture-retaining and pores tightening properties to tones delicate skin around the eye contour area while gradually reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Revitalizes the skin.
  • While hydrating it prevents damage caused by drought
  • It protects against “urban stress” while enhancing skin brightness and clarity
  • Visibly reduces signs of fatigue.

How to use:

Apply morning and evening around the orbital area. Start at the outer areas and move towards the bridge of the nose. This product absorbs quickly and leaves a light protective film, allowing for the easy application of make-up



Cell Shock’s signature skin-revitalizing ingredient rejuvenates the look of the face.

Botanical Complex®

The two original Face Lifting Complex ingredients – these two botanicals ingredients (polymerized sweet almond oil and proteins) – form an elastic film on the surface of the skin improves and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Blended together with soybean membranes and hyaluronic acid, they impact in a very noticeable effect.


This modern complex protects the skin against “urban stress” while enhance the skin’s brightness and clarity. Specific protein fractions from Moringa seeds shield skin from environmental pollution, while a Nasturtium stem extract gives the skin an appearance radiant and healthy.

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