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Dresdner Essenz



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Dresdner Essenz Traditional Eucalyptus Citrus herbal bath is a bath essence with a noticeable liberating and vitalizing effect, recommended for the whole year round but especially in cold and rainy weather. A bath with the essential oils of the eucalyptus tree, lemon and Indian Melissa invigorates the exhausted body and gives a feeling of liberation, mental freshness and vitality. Lipid regulating oil components give you a pleasant and supple skin feeling after the bath. Skin-regenerative allantoin and protective vitamin E enhance these nourishing properties. The specially selected ingredients are carefully distributed in the powder and their effect is fully realized in the bath water. Dresdner Essenz Eucalyptus Citrus Traditional herbal bath refreshes the body, inspires the mind and allows you to breathe deeply again. Made in Germany Size: 2.1 oz / 60 g packet

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