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Diego Dalla Palma Cica-Ceramides Cream sensitive, redness - Accent on Beauty

Diego Dalla Palma Cica-Ceramides Cream

Diego Dalla Palma

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Cica-Ceramides Cream

De-reddening, calming and repairing cream with chrome-corrective green pigments. Perfect for rebalancing irritated and fragile skin due to aggressive external agents, cosmetic treatments and intensive dermo-aesthetics. Thanks to the Asian Centella, enriched with horse chestnut extracts, rusco and calendula, is perfect for reducing temporary or persistent redness and skin with couperose. Enhanced with bio-mimetic Ceramides, it rebalances and strengthens the skin's barrier, restoring comfort, hydration and relief. With its green corrective chromium pigments, it visibly reduces irritation and redness phenomena and gives the skin an healthy and radiant complexion.