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Diego dalla Palma

Deeply Nourishing & Soothing Cream

Deeply Nourishing & Soothing Cream

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Benefits: Soothing and strengthening treatment for sensitive, couperose-prone or irritated skin due to pharmacological and antibiotic therapies or exposure to irritants (sun, wind, cold).
Enriched with ProSENSE PEPTIDE and a multi ceramide complex, it protects the skin and restores comfort and hydration.

Ceramide plus CPX : Moisturising, prevents loss of moisture from the skin, re establishes the PH and barrier function of the skin. Preserves elasticity and the skin's optimum moisture level.
ProSENSE PEPTIDE: a dual action anti irritation neuropeptide that reduces irritation and inflammation
Ectoine: preserves the immunity of the skin to increase its defences against external & internal aggressors. Healing & soothing
Vitamin E, shea butter, vegetable squalane.

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