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Swiss line

Aqua-Calm Cream

Aqua-Calm Cream

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Aqua-Calm Cream, is a formula composed of soothing Swiss plants. In a cream with a velvety texture, it is ultra-soft, moisturizing and with a sweet scent. Enriched with ceramides, it protects sensitive skin, fragile or stressed.

In addition, turquoise pigments give it a green hue soothing dry skin.


  • Several botanical extracts come together to offer a soothing effect.
  • The skin is protected due to ceramides while help to improve resilience and elasticity.
  • The skin is deeply moisturized.

How to use:

Apply in the am and in the pm, alone, or after applying your specific Swiss line serum. For sun protection and enhanced complexion correction, follow in the am with the application of Aqua-Calm CC Cream.


Soothing Complex - It is composed of Centella and Calendula, which work in synergy with the other ingredients of the formula (aescine and hydrolysed wheat proteins) to soothe and relieve the sensations of skin discomfort that affect sensitive skin.

Arnica complex - Composed of extracts of arnica, cypress and malt, it improves the resilience and exerts a soothing and protective effect, for a more harmonious and unified complexion.

Plant Ceramides - Derivatives of purified wheat, vegetable ceramides, whose lipids and gluten have been extracted, they help to improve the level of hydration of the epidermis as well as to improve the resilience and elasticity of the skin

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