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AKILEINE Podorap Foot File Rasp - Accent on Beauty

AKILEINE Podorape Foot File / Rasp

Laboratoire Larima

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AKILEINE Podorape Foot File: Quickly removes calluses and very rough skin, and optimizes the effect of moisturizing creams. It is double-sided: One side is very rough to remove severe calluses. The other side is slightly abrasive to smooth and soften the skin.

Instructions for use

Spray feet with Akil Toilette and pat dry with a towel.
Before soaking, use on dry feet moving in one direction only over the thickened areas, you will notice how easily this rasp breaks down the keratinized areas safely and effectively.
Continue use until the skin is even, clearer and smooth.
This rasp is a favourite for professionals because it is used dry and cuts down the time spent on the elimination of thickened, calloused skin.


Calluses and very rough heels.