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Diego Dalla Palma

Sunshine- Protects - Milk Spray SPF50

Sunshine- Protects - Milk Spray SPF50

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Ideal for the whole family, including children and babies. Perfect for those looking for a product that is easy and quick to use, thanks to the practical spray formulation.SPF 50

Specially designed to preserve the skin health and guarantee a complete and intelligent high level of protection even for the most delicate skin.

For fair and / or sensitive skin.

High in vitamin E, it counteracts redness and irritation.

Formulated to reduce the risk of allergy and also suitable for sensitive skin of children, to those hypersensitive and reactive and to protect from sunlight capillaries, spots, tattoos and scars.

Featuring better performing new generation of sunfilters sunscreens ( Tinosorb, Uvinul, plus balanced UVA & UVB- IR).

Highly photostable do not break down in the sun or heat

More delicate, better suited to sensitive skins. Due to their large molecular size they are not absorbed by the skin.

A lower concentraiton is required to achieve the desired level of protection

With its balanced and smart protection UVB-UVA-IR protects from sunlight, as well as heat limiting the risk of redness and irritation.

Non greasy, non sticky comfortable texture, no white residue.

Active ingredients: DNA SMART PROTECTION, Corraline algae, Vitamin E

Made in Italy
• Dermocosmetic Science with High-performance, multi-active products with targeted corrective solutions

• Clean Cosmetics with sustainable formulations

• Proven Results -Efficacy tested

• Formulated in a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory in Italy.

• Each Instrumental and self-assessment tests are conducted by Italian Universities for clean cosmetics with measured performance.

• Dermatologically Tested: Safe for all

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