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 Diego Dalla Palma Sebum Normalising Day Cream (purifying) - Accent on Beauty

Sebum Normalising Day Cream (purifying)

Diego Dalla Palma

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Sebum Normalising Day Cream - anti-shine and rebalancing with probiotic lactobacillus Characteristics: A fresh and non-greasy gel cream with a marked astringent and purifying action. Rebalances sebum production and contrasts typical blemishes of mixed and impure skins: shine, blackheads, patchy complexion, imperfections. A daily moisturising and protective treatment – also ideal for young and acne-prone skin. The skin is moisturised and immediately becomes matte. Day after day, the texture of the skin is refined, the pores become less visible and sebum production is normalised. Its constant use can reduce the redness often associated with impure skin. Oil-free, paraben-free. How to use: apply mornings on the face, neck and décolleté avoiding the area around the eyes and massage until it is completely absorbed.