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Diego Dalla Palma Jelly Oxygenating Scrub - Accent on Beauty

Jelly Oxygenating Scrub

Diego Dalla Palma

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New Oxygenating Jelly Scrub uis more than just a scrub! This fresh new scrub has environmentally friendly sugar crystals for an effective smoothing action plus mulptiple skin benefits! Featuring: Oxygen Flow: from the organic nasturtium flower, rich in iron and Vitamin C. Improves oxygen supply and helps the skin breathe better. To revive your skin from summer damage, decreasing the skin's ageing process. Organic Orange Flower Extract: an aromatic extract with a detoxifying and purifying action to leave skin fresh and bright. WIth a naturally relaxing and fresh aroma. Organic Dendelion Juice: from freshly picked dandelions, refreshing and concentrated in antioxidant vitaminds to defend against skin agein and get rid of the free radicals that have built up over the summer.