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Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Overnight Balm

Cell Shock Luxe-Lift Overnight Balm

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To remain on trend and reinforce Swiss line’s “Glamscience” brand positioning, we have given our iconic purple cream a makeover, changing the texture from a cream to a balm, and “dressing” it in layers of silk and gold. The glamorous, new formula features all the high- performance ingredients in the other Luxe-Lift products, as well as the balm’s star ingredient: stabilized Superoxide Dismutase. The potent formula offers astounding results: firmer, brighter and more rested- looking skin!
Ref. 1193 – 50 ml heavy glass jar
• Visibly lifts the skin and reduces wrinkles
• Continually boosts cellular metabolism to revitalize the skin
• Infuses the skin with collagen to plump it up
• Reverses photo-aging on the cellular level, thanks to its star antioxidant.
• Anyone concerned with wrinkles and loss of firmness
• Existing users of Total-Lift creams
• All existing clients of other high-end brands
Cell Shock’s signature complex assists in all essential skin functions, while also helping to lift and revitalize the skin.
Growth factors are known to act as signaling molecules between cells. Our botanical growth factors, isolated from seeds, mimic the expression of the FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), boosting the synthesis of collagen and the extra cellular matrix to improve the density and firmness of the skin. The facial contours are redrawn and skin becomes smoother, less wrinkled. The botanical growth factors are used at a very high, clinically-tested 3% concentration in all Luxe-Lift creams, as well as in the Overnight Balm.
(Note, the only Total-Lift cream which contained this very high concentration was the night formula, the others had a lower concentration.)
Gold has always been intriguing, in fact it was believed by the ancients to work in the human body by stimulating the chi (life force). Present day studies have shown that colloidal forms of real gold are helpful in promoting renewed vitality and physically shielding the skin from oxidative stress.
Utilizing biotechnology, this Complex combines colloidal gold with fibroin (protein from silk) to reduce the levels of lifestyle-induced skin damage and make the skin instantly silkier to the touch.

Hydrolyzed collagen effectively moisturizes and delivers line-filling benefits. This pure form of solubilized collagen is used in the Luxe-Lift Creams and the Overnight Balm in combination with amino acids naturally occurring in silk. This innovative association grants the collagen proteins maximum building power as most of the amino acids found naturally in silk are also the building blocks for the resilient collagen fibers found in human skin!
This antioxidant enzyme, obtained from a natural yeast, is known to slow down the aging process and reverse signs of aging in the skin. It has been proven to correct cellular damage caused by the cumulative effects of photo exposure – natural UV and artificial lighting. It also plays a beneficial role in minimizing signs of sun-induced redness and preventing pigmentation disorders.
Massage the balm in between fingertips to bring it closer to body temperature, and then massage in circular movements over face, descending down to the contours of the neck and décolleté. Enjoy this luxurious ritual every night after the usual skincare regimen of cleanser, toner and serum.
The Luxe-Lift Overnight Balm penetrates without heaviness, yet nurtures and conditions even very dry skin. We do not advise its use on oily or combination skin with a proclivity towards oiliness.
Luxe-Lift women are bold when it comes to their skincare choices. Swiss line’s “Glamscience” approach to skincare resonates with them as they don't want science without glamour, or glamour without science, for that matter!
Luxe-Lift Creams and the Overnight Balm offer luxurious textures and a signature perfume together with scientifically proven results.

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