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Aqua-Vitale Bloom Flash

Aqua-Vitale Bloom Flash

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This fresh and vibrant multi-tasking primer enriched with botanical extracts will instantly improve the look of your skin. Its hybrid formula merges the benefits of skincare with the optical tricks of makeup. Upon application, skin quality is improved and the skin’s brightness maximized. Signs of fatigue seem to disappear, darker areas of the face are lightened-up, and wrinkles are concealed. With Bloom Flash you can bring your full beauty into bloom 365 days of the year!


  • Instantly beautifies the look of your skin’s complexion

  • Visibly reduces the signs of fatigue and dull skin

  • Moisturizes the skin, making it more radiant

  • Hides imperfections and lines

  • Soothes and calms sensitive skin and the visible effects of urban stress

How to use:

The product should be applied as the very last step in your daytime skincare ritual, before applying make-up. If you would prefer a flash application, one or two drops can be mixed directly in the palm of the hand with your Force Vitale day cream, CC cream or your usual fluid/cream foundation to make your skin look fresh and healthy.

Apply all-year-round, after the usual skincare ritual of cleanser, toner and serum.



Extracts of jasmine, orchid and rose flowers contain phenolic compounds, essentially flavonoids, which positively influence the beauty of the skin. Accordingly, the skin is soothed while the natural brightness of the skin increases. Flavonoids also help to deeply moisturize the skin.


The cultivated raspberry plant cells offer antioxidant providing cosmetic benefit and contain enzymes that protect against the visible effects of urban pollution and signs of aging induced by urban stress. The presence of ellagic acid in raspberries improves elasticity of the skin and helps to soften the skin making it visibly lifted. Its high level of phytosterols can significantly help reduce the loss of water to the surface of the skin.


Encapsulated pigments release a light colour only when the product is blended into the skin.

The tint develops upon application, enhancing the complexion, regardless of skin tone. You won’t be able to see the capsules, nor will you see the pigments in suspension - unlike all of the other tinted formulas, but you will see their bloom effect!

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