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P•O•S•T Promise

P-O-S-T PROMISE, Accent on Beauty

What is the POST Promise?

The POST Promise is a private sector-led initiative, in collaboration with various levels of government, designed to help Canadians confidently and safely take the first steps back into public spaces and the workplace.
Participating businesses receive training and education on how to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and voluntarily commit to following these practices. Businesses who “make the promise” are then able to use and display the POST Promise logo which will act as a clear indication to employees and customers that they are doing their part to protect Canadians’ health and safety as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

It’s For the Common Good

The Post Promise is designed to help consumers feel confident that a business or location is aware and doing what they can to help slow the spread. The more businesses and places that adopt the use of the logo, the more it will help to provide comfort to consumers.